Why Consider Cloud-Based EDC for Your Next Clinical Study? Cloud-Based EDC for Your Next Clinical Study?

The eClinical trial technologies market is set to reach $1.37 billion USD by 2018. The driving forces behind this surge are the need to optimize the drug development process through real‐time data analysis and while cutting costs along the way. While various sectors such as small and large pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and medical device companies have different trial needs, a strategic outsourcing approach that optimizes data collection and analysis can benefit any company in these sectors. Once you’ve decided on your clinical data outsourcing strategy, cloud-based technology can significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of your next clinical study.

While CROS NT specializes in clinical data services – biostatistics, clinical data management and medical writing – its niche is the combination of biometrics services with clinical trial technology. We discuss why Sponsors should be shifting towards the cloud.

Several industry reports have estimated that the implementation of cloud computing technologies could lead to a 30 percent increase in speed to trial for clinical work, resulting in up to $400 million USD in savings. If the market continues to adopt EDC/ePRO technologies, paper studies and subject diaries may no longer exist in 10 years or less.

Eliminating investment in IT infrastructure and reducing training efforts

Cloud computing allows companies to significantly cut budgets by not having to invest in computer software or hardware along with IT installation. It is estimated that computer systems can cost up to $2 million USD to install plus additional maintenance fees. Cloud-based systems generally require minimal training efforts due to high usability and packaged eLearning solutions which not only cuts training costs, but also logistical training expenses.

Better quality data, more efficient trials

Cloud-based EDC systems allow for real-time data, immediate feedback and real-time data transfer for query management and faster data cleaning. In addition to better data quality, cloud-based systems allow for global, multi-center and multi-language studies to be organized in one single database. This becomes extremely efficient for statisticians studying metrics in real-time. Real-time metrics are important in a risk-based monitoring strategy when data managers are evaluating unusual data patterns and statisticians are analyzing data in order to target sites that need further investigation.

Data Security

Cloud service providers can implement security measures, including user and password protections, and HTTPS connections to ensure secure and private data transfers to meet tough data privacy laws. Most cloud providers have disaster recovery plans in place to guarantee data protection in case of power or network failure.

Reducing clinical trial costs

Quicker trials generally translate into reduced timelines and inevitably costs. An added benefit to cloud-based technology is that they are usually configurable and pay-as-you-go features. Some cloud-based EDC systems can even provide baseline technology for low budgets with add-on features. This allows Sponsors to effectively manage a study budget and allows clinical personnel to be more independent in study build and management.

CROS NT and Cloud-Based EDC

CROS NT can also offer a cloud-based eClinical application which is an integrated platform of EDC/ePRO/IWRS/CTMS. Combining an eClinical platform in the cloud with a centralized approach to clinical data, Sponsors can reduce set-up, training and HelpDesk costs and allow for easy data integration. A cloud-based solution allows for real-time study management access to data from mobile devices.