Our statistical programming team works closely with the Statistical Methodology Team maintaining a highly qualified group of SAS programmers expert in CDISC standards.

CROS NT provides customized programming solutions to meet the unique needs of clients. We have a long history of developing and advancing SAS coding tools for programming reports. These tools allow us to create customized RTF output. The most recent extensions have proven very useful for generating patient profiles. Our staff continues to develop the company’s reporting tools to increase our efficiency.

Our team of statistical programming team provide:

Statistical Programming CDISC Gold Members
Many Sponsors use CDISC standards when creating databases for new clinical studies. Regulatory authorities already encourage the use of CDISC standards and will soon require it. Our expertise in the use of SDTM and ADaM datasets can minimize the costs of mapping and converting data. CROS NT is a CDISC Gold Member.

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