A data-driven CRO offering clinical, full service solutions

With full service capabilities in Europe and a network of parnterships, CROS NT can work with companies to design a full service approach. CROS NT’s full service solution brings together decades of experience and expertise in biometrics and its proven ability to incorporate clinical operations.

Our full service approach promises a CRO partner from feasibility to final Clinical Study Report:

  • Continued excellence in data-driven solutions
  • High quality deliverables
  • Expert team of resources in clinical, regulatory and biometrics covering a full 24-work day based on time zones
  • Innovative technology solutions
  • Flexible, tailored outsourcing solutions to meet individual Sponsor needs

Through various partnerships, CROS NT can support with:

  • Protocol & Study Document Development
  • Study Monitoring
  • Project Management and Site Management
  • Patient Enrollment Strategies
  • Full Biometrics Support (Biostatistics & Programming, Clinical Data Management, Medical Writing)
  • Clinical & Scientific Consultancy
  • Medical Information