One of the biggest challenges of any clinical trial is sorting and managing the vast amounts of data collected. Clinical Data Visualization is the concept that data can be structured and viewed through a variety of charts and graphs to facilitate analysis. Along with data collection comes business intelligence, and Sponsors of clinical trials need to be able to make sense of data collected in order to make important decisions.

CROS NT explains why Sponsors of clinical trials should be relying on clinical data visualization and analytics to manage studies and make better “go/no-go” decisions based on real-time clinical trial metrics.

CROS NT provides clinical data visualization and business intelligence solutions to help Sponsors make sense of their clinical and safety data in a real-time, comprehensible way and in real-time. CROS NT can provide Sponsors with web portal access to their clinical data including tabular and graphical reports from a single database or across multiple databases.

Risk Management Metrics

CROS NT can provide Risk Management Metrics during a study that give CRAs the necessary information on which sites need attention most and which areas.  This approach relies on close collaboration between the Data Manager and CRA. It results in more targeted monitoring, quicker resolution of problem areas, and identification of the least well performing sites.

CROS NT’s Risk-Based Metrics solution includes a set of 28 standard reports built into an EDC platform to bring Sponsors quality metrics that improve site performance.