We are excited to announce that this year we will be joining Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Europe as sponsors and as speakers.

Event information:

At Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Europe, Amanda Cross, our Executive Director of Service Strategies, will present a speech titled “Defining a Data Strategy: How to effectively manage your key asset”.

Speech abstract:

Outsourcing biometrics separately from clinical services brings increased data quality and access, and reduced costs. Implementing a data strategy and data standards maximises savings.

During this presentation you will:

  • Understand the risks of not having a data strategy and the benefits of having one
  • Learn the best practices around data strategies and standards
  • Identify the key steps in defining a data strategy and its use in standards development for CRFs and databases, data reporting and key biometrics documentation

Are you looking to build an effective data strategy to increase your data quality and reduce costs of your clinical trials? Contact us for a meeting and learn how we can help you make a difference!


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