CROS NT joins Clinical Trials Europe

This year we had the pleasure of joining the Clinical Trials Europe 2021 as speaker and sponsor. Katell Bernois, our Director of Statistical Consulting, and Paula Yates, Senior Director, Biostatistics & Data Management, delivered a presentation titled “7 Steps to Maximise the Effectiveness of Your CRO Partnership”.

Abstract of the “7 Steps to Maximise the Effectiveness of Your CRO Partnership” Presentation:

According to our recent industry survey, the most common struggles in a Sponsor/CRO relationship are:

  • communication
  • issue escalation
  • oversight

We have presented 7 key components of a successful partnership, each designed to reduce these burdens and boost the effectiveness of the relationship, allowing you to leverage the collaboration to meet critical clinical trial benchmarks and milestones, on time and on budget.

During this presentation, we covered:

  • Critical Questions to Consider at the start of a Sponsor/CRO relationship
  • Best practices in building an effective partnership with your CRO
  • Understanding of how you can assess the effectiveness of your existing CRO partnerships


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