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 CROS NTA data driven CRO

CROS NT is a global Contract Research Organization specializing in data-driven services and solutions. The company is part of a group of companies servicing clinical trials – all sitting within a holding a company called PM Holding. We have provided expert services for over 500 pre- and post-market studies in a very wide range of therapeutic areas and indications. Our customers are evenly distributed among the medical device, pharma and biotech sectors. While providing all services from protocol design to clinical study report, we enable sponsors to view and check the integrity of their clinical data during a trial, thereby facilitating all important vendor oversight.

Our value-add for customers is that they can totally rely on CROS NT to provide quality, traceable and GCP-compliant data sets, delivered on time by an expert team that utilizes the most appropriate and innovative eClinical solutions for the study type and budget.

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