Our Company

We are a global team of passionate specialists delivering innovative, high quality, tailored biometrics solutions. We support you in developing therapeutics for patients in a smarter manner by facilitating digital technologies, data integration, standardisation, visualisation and analytics, and data oversight.

As biometrics specialists we have made a difference to over 500 projects, by minimising risk, increasing insight and maximising outcomes for patients. Our core expertise spans clinical data management, biostatistics and statistical programming, with our work on centralised biometrics gaining recognition industry-wide.

At CROS NT, our mission is to support our clients in developing therapeutics for patients in a smart, innovative and cost-efficient manner through data-driven expertise, solutions and technology.

Our Heritage

CROS NT is led by Paolo Morelli, its founder, CEO, and passionate biostatistician. CROS NT was born out of his strong belief that technology can power clinical trials and help Life Sciences companies deliver their solutions to the patients in a faster and more cost-efficient manner.

Now, with experience in more than therapeutic areas, ISO 9001 certification and stringent GCP adherence, we help our clients around the world to improve patients’ lives through data, expertise and latest technology.

Our Services

Biometrics & Data Services


Clinical & Regulatory

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