Why Centralized Biometrics for Vendor Oversight?

centralized biometrics strategy keeps clinical data – including biostatistics, programming, data management and medical writing – with one specialized CRO improving vendor oversight. This results in standardization, higher quality, improved efficiency and considerable cost savings.

As a data-driven CRO, we support clinical trial Sponsors apply a centralized biometrics approach to their outsourcing strategy.

Key Elements of Centralized Biometrics

Vendor Oversight

  • Centralized data visualization regardless of clinical team deployed
  • RBM enablement
  • Data integrity assessment tools
  • Uniform traceability and due-diligence datasets
  • Compliance with ICH GCP E6 (R2) guidelines

Improved Efficiency

  • Re-use of existing CRF pages to save on database build and statistical programming costs
  • Utilization of one set of technologies so CRAs and Investigators benefit from familiarity
  • Better integration of studies across all phases with common assessment methods
  • Centralized portal for viewing study data or metadata
  • Enable cross-study analysis

Considerable Cost Savings

  • One-time fee for setup of global libraries, programming macros and validation checks
  • Volume discounts for EDC licensing fees and centralized hosting
  • Hour/Daily rates available or lower FTE monthly rates
  • Estimated cost savings of between 20-40% for full biometrics package