Biostatistician Giulia Zardi

In this blog we talk to Giulia Zardi, CROS NT Senior Biostatistician, who is based in Bologna, to find out more about a Senior Biostatistician’s career path, achievements, current role at CROS NT and her interests outside of work.

How did you identify Statistics as the right career for you?

Senior Biostatistician I’ve always loved maths and science, so when I had to take a leap of faith and choose my university specialisation, I decided to go for stats. I figured it could involve a little bit of both. I followed my gut because I never studied it in high school. I have been very lucky because I’ve never regretted it.

What does a Senior Biostatistician do?

It’s a challenge to summarise this in a few lines. As a Senior Biostatistician I help with planning analysis, producing and interpreting results. I also support clinical trial activities at all stages in order to make sure that we reach reliable outcomes.

What has been your journey to your current role at CROS NT?

My journey started in 2014 when I had just graduated from my Masters’ programme at the University of Bologna. I started as a Biostatician intern in Verona. I worked from home for a while and now I am based in our Bologna office.
The journey to my current role at CROS NT would not have been possible without my team. I have always been lucky with my teammates – they are passionate about biostatistics, challenge me, and bring out the best in me.

What most inspires you about working within this field?

The fact that I’m continuously learning and that I contribute to a bigger purpose which is safeguarding patients’ health.

What would be your top 3 tips for an early career statistician looking to develop in this field?
Be attentive, precise, and open-minded, which should be easy when you work with passion. If you make a mistake, learn from it and do better next time!

What are your personal values?

I’ll name just three even if the list could be much longer: integrity, honesty, and determination.

What are your main interests outside of work?

Senior BiostatisticianReading is one of my main interests, mainly because I love learning new things. I also enjoy walking and running.  I have recently added meditating to this list. Experimenting with cooking is also a lot of fun. This year in January I’ve attended a workshop on sourdough bread and am now enjoying making a lot of bread myself.


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