Best Practises in ISS/ISE Programming Perspective

Integrating data for submissions can be a laborious and difficult task. Even with CDISC data, it can be a mammoth undertaking but when we add legacy data in the mix then it can make things far more difficult.

One of the ways of ensuring your approach to integration is effective is to have a good understanding of how the integration effort can be achieved. It is imperative to choose the right strategy for integrating your data from the start, thinking about the future projects you may have, or just focusing on the current effort as well as what your client requires.

Watch our free on-demand webinar to discover the most effective ISS/ISE strategies and learn how to decipher what strategy to use.

What will you learn?

  • Strategies for ISS/ISE pooling
  • Factors to consider when defining a strategy
  • Process for integrating data
  • Critical success factors

Who is the speaker?

Caroline Gray – Director of Statistical Programming & FSP Partnerships, CROS NT

With more than a decade of experience in Life Sciences, having begun her career as a SAS programmer in a pharmaceutical company. She is an industry recognised expert in CDISC (SDTM) and data analysis as well as a specialist in Six Sigma and Lean Methodology and Optimisation. Caroline holds a degree in Quality Engineering from the Institute of Technology Sligo (Sligo, Ireland).